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Nonprofit Success Toolkit

We've pulled together the best thinking from 15 nonprofit experts into one super-powered pack of worksheets, templates, and tips sheets. You'll find resources for fundraising, communications, decision-making, finance, and operations. 

If you want straightforward resources to use in a complex time, you've found them.

The Nonprofit Success Toolkit provides free tools to help tackle your tough challenges with help from top nonprofit experts.

The Nonprofit Success Toolkit includes:

Strategy and Planning
Action Planning Template
Getting Started Using Simple Research
Transparent Strategic Planning Guide
Weekly Plan Template
The Strategy Journey

Board Development
Board Nomination Form

Build a Better Mission Statement
My Six-Word Reason

Fundraising and Finance
Case Statement Checklist
The Ultimate Nonprofit Budget Template
What is the World IS a Culture of Philanthropy?
Your One Page Fundraising Plan!

Creating Better Meetings
Onboarding and Offboarding Checklist
A Quick Risk Assessment Tool