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Expert Consultant Categories

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Below are the areas of expertise that our members can bring to your next project.

Accounting, Finance, and Business Administration

Projects dealing with the business of running your nonprofit

Board Development

Help with board roles and responsibilities, recruitment, orientation, or anything dealing with your board of directors


Personalized support for yourself or a team member

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For issues around DEI, JEDI, equity, or justice in your internal or programmatic work

Evaluation and Learning

Assessing and improving your work, including trainings, peer learning circles, and assessments

Executive Transition

Executive search, onboarding, succession planning, as well as interim executive director work


Major donors, events, direct mail, capital campaigns, bequests and more

Google Ad Grant Management 

Help setting up and managing the Google Ad Grant, unlocking up to $10k per month in kind search ads

Human Resources

Compensation, employee handbooks, recruitment, regulations, and employee health and well-being

Leadership Development

Help in training, coaching, and developing leaders at all levels of your organization


Lawyers and other legal professionals to help with all your legal questions

Marketing and Communications

Public relations, social media, annual reports, and all manner of marcom support

Meeting Design and Facilitation

Support for gathering a group of people together to achieve your goals

Organizational Assessment

Better understand your organization's strengths and challenges 

Strategic Planning

Think about and plan for the future of your organization


For all of your database, infrastructure, and other technology projects


Not every person or project fits into a box. On these profiles, you'll find experts talking about the other skills they possess that could be the secret ingredient for your project.

Now that you have a better idea of what each category contains, you can move on to finding the perfect person for your next project. Search our database of great, trusted experts who can help