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  •  Create a unique profile of you and your work.
  •  Find partners outside of your network.
  •  Focus on your work rather than your hustle.
  •  Stay top-of-mind for referrals.
  •  Avoid the hassle and expense of tricky online advertising.

Do more of what you love! is more than just an online directory. We offer:

  • Monthly webinars on business development topics like financial management, email marketing, starting a podcast, and more
  • A members-only LinkedIn group to find partners and get advice
  • Access to discounted consultant training through the Standards for Excellence Institute

To make sure we're building a network of the best experts, is by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation from a current member, request one here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've been listed in other directories and they haven't worked for me. Why will be different?
Good question! Part of the genesis for this project was that we've had the same experience. is different in three key ways:

  • Recognition that a lot of the work we get comes from other experts referring nonprofits. The current database makes those connections and referrals easy, and we plan to add other tools to help members connect. 
  • Focus on actually attracting nonprofits to the listings. Our collective funding will go into online advertising, building useful content, sponsoring events - the strategies that attract nonprofits who want to work with our experts. 
  • Super user friendly, searchable database. Instead of flipping through pages of consultants or accountants and reading a paragraph about each, is fully searchable with pictures and links to your website and LinkedIn profile.

Sounds interesting. What else is different about
We think there's a lot that's different! In addition to everything above:

  • Our reach is not bounded by geography, issue area, or type of expert. You don't get work from just one city or in one issue area, and a comprehensive online directory should reflect that. 
  • The price is about half of what many other directories cost. We are streamlining costs so we can keep it really reasonable to join.
  • You'll hear from us on a regular basis. We'll be introducing new experts, asking for your input on new features and tools, and listening for what you need. 
  • We are providing regular opportunities for personal and professional development just for nonprofit experts. 

Why is there a cost to join?
Your $100 yearly membership fee covers the database we use, website hosting, managing the site and the business, and advertising to attract nonprofits to the site. Membership for nonprofits will be free, and we hope to be able to attract paid advertisers to the site over time.

What's included in my profile?
Your profile includes a profile photo, your choice of categories (see next question), a lot of room to describe yourself and your work, and links to your website and social media pages. You can view a sample profile for more details. 

What are the categories I can choose from?
Right now, our categories are: Accounting and Business Administration, Board Development, Coaching, Communications and Marketing, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Evaluation and Learning, Executive Transition, Fundraising, Legal Issues, Meeting Design and Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Organizational Assessment, Technology and Other. You can choose as many categories as apply to your work and you can add searchable details - like skills and focus areas - in the other sections of your profile. As we grow, we'll be adding more categories.

How do I get an invitation? 
The best way is to connect with someone already listed that you know. If you don't know anyone, request an invitation here:

What if I have more questions? 
Feel free to be in touch at heather (at)

“I was skeptical about joining, but I could tell that it wasn’t your standard online directory. Within weeks, I’d been connected to two potential clients—one local and one national. My membership has already paid for itself!”

Elizabeth Forsythe, ARCHETYPE Graphic Design & Writing Services