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Before submitting your RFP, we recommend that you try to find an expert in your category and send a quick "Hey, we're thinking about a project about X to solve Y problem." These conversations can often help save time and better frame the work you are trying to get done. 

If you are interested in having potential experts reach out to you, please submit the project details below. Please provide as much information as you can - the more details you provide, the better match we can make! 

Information you may want to include: 

  • Budget or budget range for this project: while you don’t need the exact budget, an estimated amount can help the consultant better understand your needs.
  • Deadline for this work to be completed: when the work is to be done can be a deciding factor for whether a consultant submits a proposal. 
  • Local or remote consultant: do you need the consultant to be in your geographic location? This can help narrow down potential experts.

Don't have a project request or RFP? Try our RFP generator.

Resources that might help you with this form: 

Have questions about the RFP match or filling out this form? Email us at info@nonprofit.ist.

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