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Nonprofit RFP AI Generator

Before racing off to create that RFP, consider just having some conversations (Request for Conversation) with potential vendors who know the right questions to ask to clarify your project. Seriously, find an expert in your category and send a quick "Hey, we're thinking about a project about x to solve Y problem".

Go on, we'll wait for you to give that a go.

Ok. That was quick, guess it is time to write OR you can consider some alternatives to RPFs in our resources: 

RFP Resources 

Welp, looks like you are still reading so you can try creating a rough first draft with an AI RFP generator trained to help nonprofits put thoughts to paper.

How to Use the AI RFP Generator

Briefly explain who your organization is and what kind of service you are looking for. Then hit submit :)

IE: "Power Poetry is a safe, creative, free platform for young poets online. Our organization is looking for a grant writer."

Curious what a purpose-built AI writing tool could help your nonprofit with? 

BETA Nonprofit.ist Matchfinder

Want to submit an open request for experts? 

Outline Template for a Small RFP

Purpose of the Proposal: 

Summary statement of what you’re looking to do.

Organization Background: 

Who are you? What is your mission, and what critical information does any potential firm need to know about you before working together?

Project Background: 

  • What is the problem and how long has it been an issue? 

  • Why does it need to be solved now? 

  • What needs will this project address?

  • Who (departments/stakeholders) is involved or impacted?

Features/Type of work expected: 

Itemize the components you need.


Proposal due date, decision date, and estimated project completion date.


Include a budget range. 

Proposal instructions:


  • Why are you the right firm? 

  • What is your firm’s history with our cause/industry?