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It started with a phone call from a stressed out executive director. She was looking for help with a merger and wondered if I could connect her with the right person. 

Three great consultants sprang to mind.

Then she added the important qualification: they had to have experience with mergers between land trusts.

I was stumped. I knew dozens of qualified folks - but nobody with that exact skill set.

Later that week, I was sitting around a table with a dozen nonprofit consultants. We meet once a month to connect and talk about our challenges. 

And we kept having the same conversation: how do we find more of the work that we want to do?

Suddenly, a lightbulb went off. 

Could I create something that would:

Connect nonprofits to the right expert? 

AND help experts find the right work?

Yes! As a long-time organizer with a love of technology, I knew I could build such a thing. 

And after 9 years of consulting and more than 20 in the nonprofit world, I had a hunch that I could make it work for the sector.

In late 2018, Nonprofit.ist was launched. 

Founder of Nonprofit.ist, Heather Yandow

Heather Yandow 
Nonprofit.ist Founder

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If you have questions about Nonprofit.ist, I'd love to talk. Just shoot me an email at heather (at) nonprofit.ist


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