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Annelies M. Gentile

Executive Life & Leadership Coach . Speaker . Facilitator . Author at Conduit for Change, LLC
Raleigh, North Carolina, 27609

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Conduit for Change, LLC
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Conduit for Change, LLC Company Logo by Annelies M. Gentile in Raleigh NC
Executive Life & Leadership Coach . Speaker . Facilitator . Author
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I help you, and those you lead, face uncertainty with courage, creativity and grace. EXECUTIVE COACHING . RESILIENCE . VISION . CHANGE
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Raleigh, North Carolina, 27609
United States
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About Me and My Work

What kinds of projects, tasks, or challenges do you typically partner with nonprofits on?
I am an Executive Life and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author, and Facilitator. My expertise is in Presence-Based Executive Coaching helping leaders navigate change with courage, creativity and grace, taking brave bold steps to reimagine what's next, let go, and move forward-- without compromising their integrity or wellbeing.

From managing burnout to nurturing ideas and fostering compassionate leadership and communication to tending grief associated with change, I help leaders and those they serve remember who they are amongst the chaos and noise of life, helping them reclaim what's important to them personally and professionally.

I serve 1-1, with groups, and from the stage, and love facilitating inspiring experiential retreats, bringing creative vitality to you and those you lead.

On occasion, for group facilitated experiences and retreats, I'll enroll my husband Greg Whitt to co-facilitate with me. His business is Drum for Change. Together we bring light, lively creative experiences to help you and your organization live, work and play well together. We're a non-profit dream team!!

Learn more at www.conduitforchange.com
Schedule a call with me: https://conduitforchange.com/contact
Why would someone choose to work with you?
I believe we all want the Same 3 Things(c). To feel safe, to hold a sense of belonging and to be heard amongst the chaos and noise of life. However, it's our differences in HOW we listen, belong and feel safe is often where conflicts arise.

You'd choose to work with me because I care that you care. 

Whether we're exploring for the sake of your own personal and professional growth or we're creating ripe conditions for your team to see/do/be better, we'll take tender care together to sit with what's difficult to face and have healthy creative dialogue and experiential experiences that make it easier for all to care too.

That makes all the difference.

Paying attention to the subtle nuance of what you, and those you lead, truly need, matters.

Whether coaching leaders like you or speaking and facilitating within groups, I always support you and those you serve from the Same 3 Things lens of compassion and care.

Our approach is Integrative and Intermodal meaning whole-person/whole system.

My book adds value too. "From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change from the Inside Out" is a unique nature-based resource for resilience, chock-full of tools and concepts for wellness, conflict transformation and leadership. You'll get a signed copy, unless you prefer audio book. Find it on Audible.

Why would someone choose to work with me? I'm nice, and help make tough stuff fun to face. ;)
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executive coaching, leadership coaching, resilience, creativity, mindfulness, wellness, conflict transformation, leadership, grief, change management, facilitation, retreats, ICF certified, integrative, DEI, ethics, empathy, compassion, group dynamics, collaboration, positive psychology, strategy, acceptance, awareness, kindness, deep listening, presence, communication, mental and emotional health