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Tara Bengle

Founder and CEO at Terra Dati, LLC
Concord, North Carolina, 28025

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Terra Dati, LLC
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Terra Dati, LLC Company Logo by Tara Bengle in Concord NC
Founder and CEO
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We ground inquiry, evaluation and organizational learning in an equity framework to help mission-driven organizations enhance their impact and catalyze change.
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57 Union St S
PMB #1230
Concord, North Carolina, 28025
United States
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1 Person

About Me and My Work

What kinds of projects, tasks, or challenges do you typically partner with nonprofits on?
Partnering with Terra Dati enables nonprofits to make informed decisions that are grounded in inquiry. From community assessments to GIS mapping and focus groups, we help you collect, analyze, and apply data so that your programs reflect the assets and needs of your stakeholders. Our approach to evaluation ensures that you are measuring what matters most to the communities you serve and empowers you to crate a logic model and an evaluation plan so you can track progress and adapt your activities based on program performance. For organizations that are ready to build a learning agenda to increase your effectiveness, Terra Dati can help you develop a set of learning questions, strategies for answering your questions, and a plan for sharing what you learn to internal and external stakeholders.
Why would someone choose to work with you?
Terra Dati has over 14 years of experience working with mission-driven organizations to help them apply inquiry and learning to catalyze community-driven change. Our approach builds on our commitment to advancing equity and facilitates capacity building and empowerment. We are experts in action and participatory research methods that are grounded in an equity framework. These methods value lived experience, shared power, collaborative learning, and collective decision-making.  
Key words and additional details
Social justice, health equity, inquiry, equity grounded evaluation, logic models, participatory and community-based research, organizational learning, concept mapping, quality improvement, Ph.D.