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8 Anti-Racist Resources for Your Nonprofit

Tips and tools to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; create an anti-racist organization; and strengthen your nonprofit

Anti-racist resources from Nonprofit.ist

Cultural Competency- Mindset Makes a Difference |  Kat Ngaruiya

Conversations about diversity, inclusivity, equity and cultural competency are sensitive. But, the fact of the matter is, we all have room to grow. No one can master all aspects of cultural competence for all cultural identifiers. This resource provides concrete examples of how to rethink and reframe the competency conversations in your organization.

7 Things Leaders, Brands, Companies, and Organizations Can Do To Support Black Employees |  Brandi Nicole Johnson

Brandi says: "After spending the majority of my career building solutions, leading teams and serving on boards, I have learned to trust actions more than I trust intentions and words. Because of the range of experiences I have had as a Black woman in education, nonprofits, corporations and technology, I want to share seven things leaders, brands, companies and organizations can do beyond making a statement to provide unequivocal support for their #Black employees."

Centering Courageous Conversations | Tracey Greene-Washington

What if we shifted courageous conversations from the fringes of our work to the center to build leaderful organizations and movements to solve complex issues and social change? What if we viewed these conversations as a non-negotiable in our work to facilitate “foundational change processes“ that allow for innovation, centering of people and communities, and sharing and building of power? 

DEI Framework Components | Elizabeth Scott

Creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy is critical and must be integrated into each aspect of an organization’s strategic plan and organizational systems. Organizations committed to fostering inclusive and equitable workplaces must allocate time, resources, and leadership to operationalize the framework’s components. Most importantly, any efforts must be deliberate, consistent, and ongoing. As organizations begin to explore their DEI policies, it is important that they have a framework that outlines the systems that should be implemented, changed, or eliminated.

Intersectional Equity and Leadership Workshops |  Chimi Boyd-Keyes

Chimi Boyd-Keyes, M.A. is a successful entrepreneur and much sought after consultant, speaker, trainer and grant writer. She creates programs and initiatives that develop leaders and promote an equitable, inclusive environment.

Name It! Podcast |  Mazarine Treyz

Are you looking at the sector, and wondering, why do you always see people from the dominant culture in charge of the biggest nonprofits? This podcast talks about naming and re-claiming what's going on from a systems analysis. We are not experts. We are amateurs and we are learning how to talk about IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access.) 

Get Out of Your Values Box |  Sarah Olivieri

Have you been told you need to develop core values for your organization? Have you developed core values that didn’t really take you anywhere? In this training, we’ll talk about why core values are great for individuals, but not so great for organizations. We'll also talk about guiding principles, what they are, how they differ from core values, and how they provide actionable clarity that can actually make a difference, especially if you’re trying to do things like end racism.

Tips on Engaging in Authentic, Vulnerable Conversations |  Erin Spencer

As leaders, what can we do during these challenging times? First, we need to ask how others are doing, be willing to engage in authentic conversations and do this all to create cultures of inclusion.